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Electrical Workers Registration Board

Is My Electrician Registered - How Do I Find Out?

How do you know if the Electrician you have employed is safe to work on your property? How can you find out if he/she is registered in New Zealand?

The Electrical Workers Registration Board promotes safety for all New Zealanders by ensuring the competence of electrical workers.  To search the register for an electrical worker, click here.

To search for a registered electrical worker, select at least one field and then select Search.

If you do not know how to spell the electrical worker’s name, use a wildcard search by entering any three letters and %. For example, to find Smith you can enter Smi% or %mith or %mi%

To search by registration number, use the registration number from the Electrical Worker’s licence card. This is in the format of letters (representing the licence class) followed by numbers e.g. E 123456, EST 123456, IM123416, LMTM 123456.

Please be aware that the search function does not currently work correctly if you do not leave a gap between the letter E and the registration number and this can result in an error message “sorry we could not find any records matching your search criteria”.

For all your electrical needs, call your registered, Master Electricians, Hanmer Alpine Electrical 03 315 7955.