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Building Warrant of Fitness & Compliance Schedules

How Can We Help?

At Hanmer Alpine Electrical & Air Conditioning Ltd we can provide the necessary servicing, repairs, inspections and paperwork for your emergency lighting, emergency power supplies and mechanical ventilation building warrant of fitness requirements. We also provide mechanical servicing incorporating engine servicing (oil changes, filters, etc) for generators.  We currently deliver mechanical servicing contracts to local businesses such as supermarkets, medical centres and hotels.

Hanmer Alpine has Independent Qualified Persons (IQP) registered and approved to carry out the necessary inspections, recommendations, repairs and documentation to comply with Council requirements.  Once your building has passed its inspection, we will provide the required Form 12A (Certificate of Compliance with Inspection, Maintenance and Reporting Procedures) to evidence the relevant requirements set out in the Compliance Schedule have been met.

What Is A Compliance Schedule?

A compliance schedule is a document that is required by the Building Act 2004 and is prepared by the Council’s building unit. It details the inspection maintenance and reporting on a specified system such as sprinkler systems, emergency lighting and fire alarms, to ensure that the building owners take responsibility to guarantee the safety of the building occupants.

How Do I Get A Compliance Schedule?

For new buildings a compliance schedule is issued at the same time as a code compliance certificate.   You may need to apply for an amendment to the existing compliance schedule if you are upgrading the building or systems, undertaking a change of use, or doing alterations that may also trigger the requirement for a building consent.

What Is A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF)?

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) is a declaration by the building owner stating that the specified systems have been maintained in accordance with the Compliance Schedule. This certifies that the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures in the schedule have been fully complied with during the previous 12 months.

The owner must display this document in a public area within the building. The building warrant of fitness is an important document that identifies that the specified systems present in the building are working and ideally should be easily visible on entry to the building (foyer etc.).  A copy of the Building Warrant of Fitness must be provided annually to the Council.

The purpose of a Building Warrant of Fitness is to ensure the ongoing health and safety of its occupants and is similar to a vehicle warrant of fitness. With everyday use of a commercial building there are aspects of the property that regularly incur wear and tear or could potentially cause harm to occupants if they failed to work. 

Who Can Inspect And Monitor My Property?

An independently qualified person (IQP) can inspect and monitor your premises. Contact our qualified staff at Hanmer Alpine Electrical to inspect your property.